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We are always welcoming new members to the team! Western attire and tack is required. 'Tryouts' for new riders January and February during practice nights. You must be able to perform a controlled walk, trot, and lope. Drill is best suited for horses who do well in close quarters with other horses - we appreciate well behaved animals that don't routinely kick or bite out at their neighbors. We recognize this also may take some 'seasoning' to achieve, so please reach out if you're interested in giving drill a try! We welcome beginners.


There is a $15 fee for haul-in for any non-member (this applies to tryouts too). Membership must be established by March 1st. Dues are $75 per month.


We are a beginner-friendly team! Please feel free to find us on Facebook or email with any questions about joining the team.

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