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Coach Taylor

Taylor and Demi

Demi is a 9yo QH

We enjoy roping and going to play days. Demi is not currently a drill horse but has been to a few practices. I have been drilling for 9 years and this is my second year coaching. I have been with DreamCatchers for 4 years.


Cassidy C.

Cassidy & Blessings

Pair for 3 years, riding for 2 

Drilling since freshman year, for about 8 years total.

Erin B.

Erin and Holly

Holly is a 24yo QH

We enjoy gaming play days and trail rides. We are brand new to drill and have been with DreamCatchers for one year. Holly loves the competition and teamwork it requires. Holly has been with me her entire life, and we're both enjoying learning something new! Drill has been a fantastic 'retirement' activity, keeping her in great shape!

Freya - 3yo QH

Freya is my 2.0 and is learning the ropes! She will be tagging along as our 'spare tire' this season (hopefully watching and taking notes)!

Mikayla S.

Mikayla and Diesel

Diesel is about 15 years old and together we have done gaming, rodeos, trail rides and beach rides. For fun, I enjoy skiing and crafting and Diesel enjoys long naps and lots of treats. This is our first year together but he has been in the family for about 5 years. I have been drilling with DreamCatchers for 2 years and did drill all 4 years of WAHSET.


Paula S.

Paula and Minnie

Minnie is 15 yrs old and we've drilled together for 4 yrs. When I'm  not riding, I like to go to the gym, I love jogging, hiking, I love to ride my snowmobile, love camping & going to the beach!


Cortney H.

Splendid SR, 24 year old Arabian Mare. We do trail and endurance for fun now, but have dabbled in absolutely almost every discipline. I got Splendid when I was 12 and she was 4. This year is our 20th anniversary. Drill is new this year for both of us.

Brenna E.

Brenna and Dakota

(ft. Rex the mini)

Dakota is an AQPA (b 1999). He was my childhood horse and we've been together for over 17 years now. Over the years, we've dabbled in almost everything. We enjoy cattle sorting, trails, rodeo grand entry, gaming, long rides on the beach and of course... drill! We're performed a drill routine with a Mounted Posse, but this is our first season competing with DreamCatchers Drill Team as an official member of WLRCA. We are excited for this upcoming season and welcome you to follow along in our journey!


Heather S.

Heather and Cowboy

We have been a pair now for 3 and a half years, two of which have been drilling with the DreamCatchers. When we're not drilling, we love to trail ride. Cowboy is 15 years old.


Briana C.
Assistant Coach

Briana and Pepper

Pairs for 7 years

Pepper is 20

We like gaming, trails, cattle sorting and drill. I've been drilling for 4 years, Pepper has been drilling for 7!


Ashlan E.

Ashlan and Mika

Mika is a 6 year old mustang.

I’ve been training with Mika since she came from the wild in Nevada when she was two. Together we have enjoyed reining, barrels, trail riding , and now our first year in drill with Dream Catchers. This is my tenth year riding and my third year with Mika.



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Tell us about yourself!


Tell us about yourself!


Tell us about yourself!

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